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Residential Roll-Off Dumpsters Birmingham   |   Nashville   |   San Antonio

Residential Dumpster Rentals for Home Projects

For major home projects in Birmingham, Nashville, & San Antonio, Independent Waste is ready to help.

Large home projects have a tendency to generate more waste than your regular trash pickup service can handle. Whether you’re embarking on a major home renovation, cleaning up after a fire or flood, or clearing out junk, renting a roll-off dumpster is a convenient way to handle the mess. These driveway-friendly dumpsters can be placed, filled, and hauled away easily when you count on Independent Waste.

Our drivers are highly experienced and guided by advanced technology to deliver your dumpster to the precise location you need it. Whether you need a dumpster for one day or several, we have the ideal solution. When you’re done, we’ll come haul the waste directly to the nearest landfill or sorting facility. We can even swap out dumpsters if you fill one up before your rental period is complete. We’re Texas, Alabama, and Tennessee’s roll-off dumpster specialists, and we’re here to help you get your project done seamlessly!

Our Leading Dumpster Rental Services
Call Today for Next-Day or Scheduled Delivery

The last thing you need to worry about when taking on a big project is what to do with the debris. Let us help you handle it responsibly and efficiently when you rent a roll-off dumpster.

How Does a Roll-Off Dumpster Work? Our Rental Process:

At Independent Waste, we put our customers directly in touch with their drivers to enhance communication and ensure every expectation is met. We make renting a dumpster for your home project seamless and efficient!

Step 1

Order a Dumpster Online

Tell us about your project to get recommendations on the right size and duration for your dumpster rental. Our experts can help determine the best choice for your project based on the type of material you are throwing away and the size of your home or room you are renovating.

Step 2

Schedule Delivery

We offer next-day delivery for customers in the Birmingham, Nashville, and San Antonio areas. Or, if you’re planning ahead for an upcoming project, you can also schedule a delivery for a convenient date and time in the future.

Step 3

Contact Us for Removals & Swaps

Once your driver places your dumpster in your preferred location, you can get to work! When the dumpster is full, simply contact us to remove the dumpster or swap out your full one for another empty container before your rental period ends.

Residential Dumpster Rental FAQs

Roll-off dumpsters are more than your average trash bin. They’re called roll-off dumpsters because they “roll off” the back of waste-hauling vehicles. Capable of holding 10+ pick-up trucks’ worth of waste, these dumpsters are ideal for DIY home renovations. From home cleanouts and junk removal to kitchen and bathroom remodels, roofing projects, and more—our roll-off dumpsters help you get the job done.

Our 20-yard dumpsters, ideal for residential projects, are open-top with 4-foot, 6-inch side walls. That means they can easily be placed in driveways, tight-fitting spaces, or other areas of your property that would make disposing of waste easy and convenient.

Roll-off dumpsters are ideal for home projects that involve:

  • Bricks & stones
  • Drywall
  • Carpet & other flooring materials
  • Roofing shingles
  • Tile
  • Dirt & yard debris
  • Household junk

Please review our list of prohibited items to learn more about what can’t be thrown away in a roll-off dumpster.

While we offer three dumpster sizes, we recommend 20-yard dumpsters for most residential needs. Coming in at 23’ L x 8’ W x 4’6” H, these dumpsters can hold 10-12 pickup trucks’ worth of debris. They’re also the only size dumpster suitable for heavy materials like roofing shingles, tile, and bricks, making them ideal for many home projects.

For more information about sizing and scoping your project, check out our Home Projects guide.

What Makes Us the Most Trusted Construction Waste Haulers


Independent Waste values the importance of partnership through honest and clear communication.


We understand the importance of being present, responsive, and ready to help.


Our teams pride themselves on finding progressive solutions and being flexible to meet our partners where they are. We win when we help you win.


We are committed to hard work and going the extra mile to deliver the highest level of service.


At Independent Waste, we know that our business is only as good as our service. We’re here when you need us—every time.

Rent a Roll-Off Dumpster for Residential Waste

Whether you’re embarking on an exciting DIY project or facing a difficult cleanup after tragedy, Independent Waste is ready to take waste removal off your to-do list. Let us be your partner in sustainable, hassle-free waste disposal for your next home project. Contact us today to get started.

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