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The Biggest Industries Trust Our Dumpster Rentals

We make construction waste disposal better for businesses & organizations in Birmingham, Nashville, and San Antonio.

The demands of waste management are as diverse and multifaceted as the industries that make up our great cities. When your company or organization is  building a new site or performing extensive remodels, you need not just a dumpster but a partner. Renting a roll-off dumpster, scheduling deliveries and waste pickups, and paying your bills should be seamless so you can focus on fueling the future.

At Independent Waste, we’ve worked alongside numerous contractors, property owners, government officials, and business owners to solve their biggest waste containment and removal challenges. With a readily available network of trusted drivers and 20-, 30-, and 40-yard roll-off dumpsters, we’re uniquely positioned to help you meet your construction, demolition, or renovation project’s goals. Whether you’re moving large volumes of demolition waste or meeting the recycling standards for LEED Certification, we have the people, the technology, and the flexibility to get the job done.

Tailored Solutions for Your Industry
Schedule Your Dumpster Delivery. Next-Day Available!

Independent Waste offers unmatched flexibility in your dumpster rental period, waste diversion options, dumpster placement, and swap-out scheduling. Get started today!

Explore Our Industry Solutions

Our proven solutions go beyond dumpster rental alone. We maintain best-in-class customer service, ensuring our drivers know your needs precisely and are available for convenient delivery and pick-up options. Let us create a waste management solution for your business today.

Multi-Family Housing

Whether you’re building a new development or extensively renovating apartments, our roll-off dumpsters can easily fit in the most convenient spaces for maximum on-site efficiency.

Residential Development

Building a new community generates a lot of waste. Let us help you handle your construction waste sustainably and keep it easily contained for ultimate worksite safety.

Churches & Houses of Worship

Building a new house of worship requires carefully handling construction and demolition waste. Independent Waste has your disposal needs covered.

Big-Box Stores & Retail

Commercial contractors have better things to worry about than waste removal logistics. When it’s time to build your next major commercial retail development, you can count on Independent Waste.


Whether you’re building a factory, warehouse, manufacturing plant, or distribution center, you need a waste disposal team that understands your needs. For superior service, trust Independent Waste.


New hospitals and other medical center construction sites have unique waste disposal requirements. For the biggest projects, you can count on our roll-off dumpster solutions.


The pace of learning is always rapid. Whether you’re building necessary expansions, demolishing old buildings, or performing major updates, our roll-off dumpsters are up to the task.


Independent Waste is on-call to meet your community’s needs and scale to the size of any municipal construction project. Let us help you build the future for your residents.

Find the Roll-Off Dumpster Size for Your Job

Properly sizing and scoping your project is key to your success. At Independent Waste, our Birmingham, San Antonio, and Nashville teams are true roll-off dumpster specialists. We can analyze your construction project and recommend the right size, number, and frequency of dumpster empty-and-return services.

What Makes Us the Most Trusted Construction Waste Haulers


Independent Waste values the importance of partnership through honest and clear communication.


We understand the importance of being present, responsive, and ready to help.


Our teams pride themselves on finding progressive solutions and being flexible to meet our partners where they are. We win when we help you win.


We are committed to hard work and going the extra mile to deliver the highest level of service.


At Independent Waste, we know that our business is only as good as our service. We’re here when you need us—every time.

Tell Us About Your Industry’s Needs: Order a Dumpster

From office renovations to major healthcare construction sites, Independent Waste has solved the waste removal problems of Birmingham, Nashville, and San Antonio’s biggest industries. Let us partner with you for your next big project.

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