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Independent Waste Construction Roll-Off Dumpsters


Independent Waste is built to solve the specific needs of our construction clients. We know that beyond price and schedule, organization and responsiveness are just as important. We believe the customer should choose the level of service, from guaranteed same day or next day on-call service or pre-determined schedules.

Other providers dictate the level of service to the customer. We aim to exceed the needs of our partners.

We have built technology to solve these problems, and have empowered our drivers to make a real difference in field.


Whether you prefer to make a phone call, send a text or an email, or log-in and order a roll-off dumpster - we meet you where you are.​
We provide a guarantee for all deliveries and hauls - same day guarantee, next day, or scheduled, just let us know what you need.
Our proprietary dispatch and routing technology allows you to specify not just a service address but exactly where you want the roll-off dumpster placed. You’ll be able to login and see when a driver is on his way so you can worry about what matters - your project.
Independent Waste knows that no two accounting departments are the same. We work with our clients to deliver our bills to best meet the needs of your team.


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Independent Waste’s mission is to provide solutions and opportunity through reliable partnership.

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Our values


Independent Waste values the importance of partnership through honest and clear communication


Independent Waste understands the importance of being present, responsive, and ready to help


Independent Waste prides itself on finding progressive solutions and being flexible to meet our partners where they are. We win when we help you win


Independent Waste is committed to hard work and going the extra mile to deliver the highest level of service


Independent Waste knows that our business is as good as our service, we are here when you need us...every time.